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I woke up because that on my legs there was cold. I did not understand where I was and as here got, in a mouth there were terrible dry trees, the head cracked as if a bell. I tried to remember what occurred the day before, but is useless, the head refused to work at all. I could not understand why it is so dark and nothing is heard. I moved, and reached me, I lay absolutely naked and covered with a blanket with the head. I began to study further a situation and I thought that there are I in some hotel room, and nearby on a sofa two beauties lie and lovely snuffle. I gave this yesterday, called two prostitutes, did not keep.


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On a floor various attributes of a yesterday's night rolled. What there was only not. I pulled a blanket more feasibly that the sun did not shine in eyes. I love the sun, but today it shines very brightly and prevents me to concentrate. I became thoughtful, but my thoughts were interrupted by women's laughter. I opened a blanket and before me two "moths" appeared. One was good herself, in her there was everything: dark long hair which curled on shoulders, accurate brown eyes, a big elastic breast and wide hips from which it was distinguished a pleasant hillock with a hairy surface. The second was absolute antithesis. It was the blonde with short hair, blue eyes, breasts were practically not, so one name, and around hips continuous bones stuck out.


They were by the window, smoked and about something talked, using quite often abusive words. Little girls extinguished stubs, and the brunette approached me and began to bother, keeping saying that will be enough to sleep, a time, at last, will already wake up and to begin to work as they were already tired of waiting. I decided to pretend that I only woke up and I understand nothing that want from me. They stuck to me into a face condoms and some lash together with a mask, I refused such attributes.


The blonde pulled off from me a blanket and began to suck strenuously my member. After the booze he somehow inertly reacted to her manipulations, then her girlfriend was connected, and two of them lifted my gallant companion. Everything, he was ready and stood fully equipped. The blonde became cancer, and I entered her behind, there everything was soft and pleasant, and the brunette substituted the vagina under my mouth. I began to be active the rough uvula, and she began to persist in from pleasure.


Sil after yesterday's remained a little, but I nevertheless terminated, shot a powerful stream at open space and filled him with the consistence. I leaned back on a bed and thought a little to take a nap, but I did not manage. Girlfriends decided to organize before me a performance which quickly returned me to life. They began to embrace and kiss, rubbed the hot cats. Then began to coil, sticking out the delights for show. From such look my member in a trice became in combat readiness, but they pushed away me back on a bed. The brunette laid down on a back, and from above the blonde sat down on her and they arranged some kind of jumps. The brunette beautifully jumped on the blonde, at the same time they managed to caress the breasts that brought me doubly. After a while both of them let out heart-rending cry and exhausted failed on a bed. Their eyes were closed, they enjoyed the moment. Some disappointment as I did not manage to participate in this process gushed over me, and my member and strained to be in action.


At last, they regained consciousness from pleasure, and the brunette crept up to me. Seeing that I was upset a little, she decided to encourage me. She began to wag the beautiful cat before my member, teasing me. She practically concerned him, and I heard heat of her vagina. My member sharply increased in sizes, and I from all force pushed him into the prepared purpose. The brunette even screamed from surprise. I banged her so furiously more than ever, but she stopped me. They thought up some game again. Both laid down on a bed, having exposed the cats, and offered me that I serially entered them. Such invention was pleasant to me, and I quickly enough terminated. To my astonishment also the brunette whom I set with the last the member terminated. I thanked girls for the provided services, paid off finally and led them out from the number, and itself poured to myself whisky and drank off the whole glass. There came long-awaited simplification.

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