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Services "Madams" of dissolute prostitutes of Chekhov

Services "Madams" of dissolute prostitutes of ChekhovEven in classical sex it is impossible to establish equality. Someone likes to be from above, to thereby hold active position, and someone likes to occupy passive. But after all, a certain respect for the rights of partners takes place. There are also other practicians of sex in whom for a basis inequality is necessary, a striking example is submission and domination.


Often many, based on stereotypes, consider that BDSM are some tortures, but it not so. Services of madam is very laborious and psychological sexual game in which torments and tortures actually are optional components. And everything that will happen to the slave will not overstep the bounds of a framework which were established to them previously.


What to expect from BDSM-joys


It is necessary to be ready to the fact that services of madam will bring to you not only fantastic pleasure, but also real pain. The prostitute madam will use not only easy lashes and handcuffs, but also surprising sex-machines. The most skilled of dominants defined that the real madam has to realize each part of a body the true nature. Good madam has to meet the following requirements:


  • To have skills and knowledge of BDSM-culture;
  • Has to be adequate, reasonable and balanced;
  • To have natural sexuality and ability "to give" itself;
  • To look after appearance, to work on itself;
  • To observe discipline and the power;
  • To be confident in own superiority;
  • To observe external style of subculture.


Services which are offered by madam:



Being in position of the slave it is possible to reject all conventions and stamps aside. And if some of actions seems humiliating for the slave, here to do nothing, humiliation is an important part of domination.


But you should not forget that a framework of borders of the relations of madam and the slave make a reservation in advance and is limited only to your imaginations. Nobody has the right to violate the rule, neither madam, nor the slave.


Where and how to find madam?


Many, wishing to learn more about "non-standard" sex, come on resources with BDSM-subject which there is a lot of in the RuNet now. But it is not necessary to hurry to trust in shady characters who offer services of madam and promise unreal feelings. It is necessary to be sure of a source from which you want to scoop desirable pleasure. And the website-anketnik "MosDosug" will help you to meet that woman of easy virtue and the authorities of which you dreamed with Chekhov. Advantages of a resource:


  • Reasonable prices;
  • Full confidentiality and safety;
  • Huge choice of various prostitutes;
  • Cozy atmosphere.


Your goddess will show that such real submission. Also will make it so that you will beg her to continue more and more. She will make all that is necessary in order that your dreams to embody in reality, and you felt full satisfaction.

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