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10 errors of use of condom

Error to use a condomAs often men want to have fun with beautiful and skilled women of easy virtue. And if it is possible to find them, for example, on our website questionnaires of the best prostitutes of the city of Dmitrov are collected, then here in a safety issue many questions emerges. The most checked and trouble-free means is old kind condom. And sooner or later (it is better, of course, early) you should use him. Yes, to get him from depths of the purse and to pull pleasures on the tool. Perhaps, what can be simpler?


But, as if not so. Condoms though are the safest defenders from a venereal bunch of diseases and exclamations "Darling, I flew!", it is not so simple to use him as it appeared. We bring to your attention several main and additional (but sometimes fatal) mistakes when using condoms. Remember and never make them.


Mistakes when using condom


  1. Refusal of condom

    The first and main mistake when using condom is its full and discouraging ignoring. And, the most important that in that evening when you managed to amuse the hottest brunette in bar with a joke about three Russians and the Georgian with a hippopotamus! And now the girl is decoration of your bed, and you also forgot about condom! Oh, cruel karma! Oh, destiny! Oh, ill fate! But how to miss such opportunity. And the brunette is by sight healthy … Generally, you should not leave the house without condoms. In life it is full of surprises.

  2. Condom has an expiration date

    Same not milk. You will think, well, it is delayed for several months. Yes you use a motherwort 5-year, and nothing, did not die so far. Reconcile: if condom is expired at least for a month, it is better to get rid of it immediately. Latex any more not that and lubricant used to know times better. Of course, throwing out unused condom - you the next time remind yourself that you had no sex. But nevertheless adults also understand that there is a big set of remarkable hobbies besides sex. Gemmologiya, we will allow. Well...

  3. To try to put on condom on not rather erect dildo

    Well, you do not want to spend time for so prosaic action in the middle of passionate joys as condom clothing. Therefore much like to dress latex in advance. Under no circumstances! Having put on weakly erect the member condom, you risk that during sex that will begin to lead own life, or will stretch in not put place, or will tear or that look will come off. To control behavior of latex adaptation, it is necessary that the penis was completely erected. Wait when at you appears such, and then only put on condom.

  4. To resort to condom use only at the responsible moments

    "Give without it so far" - this phrase preceded millions of sad visits to skin and venereologic doctors and so many more cheerful visits to maternity hospitals. Condom will serve to you belief and the truth, only if you use it throughout all sexual intercourse. Otherwise, you too risk.

  5. To use the same condom several times

    One performance = one condom. Such it is severe arithmetics of safe sex. Well, it is forbidden having finished the first sexual intercourse even if without the culmination of one of partners to clean condom away and to give it chance in following. It is silly to save on it. And the institute of marriage exists that who does not want to be ruined on condoms in society.

  6. To use at the same time 2 condoms "for greater safety"

    It is very much the bad idea:

    • in two condom the penis will not look more;
    • continuous friction about a surface of each other is guaranteed will lead to damage of condoms.
    • We do not recommend to check.
  7. To use oil and cream instead of lubricant

    Oil and cream are capable to destroy latex. Therefore it is recommended to use special lubricants with a silicone or water basis.

  8. To pull condom up to the end

    Camber of a tip of condom very clearly shows that having even smoothed condom to a penis, the first has to remain vacant. Trying to pull condom to a limit, you injure its surface once again that can bring further to a gap. And from the torn condom any I pound.

  9. Prolonged pause before condom removal

    By itself, having reached a culmination point, it is bad to be discharged of the partner at once. There is a wish to roll about some time over/under/near with the woman in the closest contact. But keep in mind: at some the full discharge quickly enough deprives an erection penis. And if it begins to fall directly in the girl, condom can slide off with ease. Therefore you should not relax.

  10. To fill condom with water and to throw off on the heads the passerby

    To you there are not 17 years! 17? Truth?! Then away from our website! Come back when 18 are executed.

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