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What prevents to derive pleasure in sex

What prevents to derive pleasure in sexThe previous generations grew in the country where there was no sex, and children were found in cabbage or they were brought by storks. Respectively, it was not accepted to discuss intimate life. Now with it it became much simpler, but for many people to talk to the partner on an intimate subject all the same difficult.


It is necessary to experiment in a bed and to study on own mistakes. And what mistakes prevent to derive pleasure in love joys?


Talk on an intimate subject


Discussion of this delicate question - it is good or bad? Let's try to understand this question. First, your sexual partner not the telepathist and therefore is not able to guess your desires. But if to approach it on the other hand, then the tactless conversation can turn into simple criticism. The partner will even more become reserved and will not begin to share the intimate thoughts.


Not to offend the person, it is necessary to focus attention on positive aspects. To discuss with the partner what was pleasant in a bed, to praise him, to pay compliments. And any remarks or requests need to be presented delicately and in a positive note, without the slightest criticism.


What prevents to relax and derive pleasure?


Often men hesitate of some experiments in a bed: "To me it is inconvenient with her to speak about it even and the more so to make". But there is a wish? Never hesitate and frightened experiments. They should be avoided only in one case - if really there is no wish for it.


Just trust in the half and begin an experiment. If in process something goes not so - it is always possible to stop. Any man will agree that monotonous sex life becomes boring. If there is a wish for something and there is not enough imagination, then it is possible to read literature on this subject or just to go online. In network surely there will be a heap of advice how to diversify the sex life.


Sometimes people have sex only before going to bed, in a bed moreover and with the turned-off light. It can suit women, men - No. It is not for nothing said that men "are visual". Men need to look at the partner fully to feel excitement.


Talk frankly to the partner. Share the desires. Discuss intim options by the light of. When get used to it, it is possible to pass to experiments in the afternoon, then to add also new "place for sex". A chair, a chair, a table, even a floor (why is also not present) - very juicy and interesting options to diversify sex life. Look around yourself, for certain in the apartment there will be many rooms and furniture - all this can use.


Be here and now


Sex is feelings of what occurs at present. If during sexual intercourse you think of something another or remember sex which was earlier and the more so you represent him, then in the present to test all scale of pleasures it will not turn out.


Still there are cases when you wish to ask the soulmate about something, but constraint prevented and it was necessary to put off. And tomorrow passed in the day after tomorrow, week, month, etc. And what turns out? You do not live in the present day, and wait for pleasure only in the future. At you at heart the offense which leads to cooling to the partner over time is saved.


If you very much wanted something, then do not leave it "for tomorrow". Do not console yourself in thoughts that I will surely try it then, and now not time. Enjoy life to the full exactly here and now.


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