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Fetish in sex. What is it?

Fetish sexThe fetish is a persuasive attention to a certain subject without which sex ceases to be considered as full. Without this subject partners won't be able just to become excited and have the maximum satisfaction from sex. For example, if independent masturbation is carried out, then you won't be able to become excited and enjoy process without this or that subject of sexual satisfaction, and about an orgasm and the speech can't be. Very often men who like brunettes during sex with blondes just can't fully become excited and be adjusted on process. They at the subconscious level understand that the level of pleasure is interfered only by hair color.


Often used areas of a body as a fetish


  1. Tummy. Sometimes happens very difficult to understand fetishists, existence of a part of a body, and absolutely not essentially what it will be a stomach is extremely important for them: beefy, soft, round or elastic. Very often fetishists just are eager to terminate on a stomach to the partner and if it doesn't occur, then all sexual process will take place to nothing.
  2. Piercing. Young men as a fetish use piercing on the girl's body. It isn't absolutely clear what can attract in cold metal on a body, but most of men love when on their penis there passes warm language with piercing. He informs of unusual feelings.
  3. Madam and slave. Many men just don't represent sexual process without presence of the slave and madam. For them all these sexual dominations and perversions are extremely pleasant, they like to submit to beautiful girls, to gently slap them on a bottom, increasing sexual desire.
  4. Foot and hand. These places are the most widespread for fetishists. Men very much like to lick gentle handles and the partner's legs, to bite them, caressing lips and language. For this reason many men with neglect treat girls at whom not well-groomed and unpleasant a foot.
  5. Nape hair. For each man the partner's hair at the time of sex plays a large role. During hard sex they can humiliate girls, independently pulling together nape hair. It only excite and excites men, providing pleasant and long process.
  6. Water. In any manifestations water will attract. Existence of sex in water, that is, in a bathroom or in a shower cabin is very important for fetishists. They treat such manipulations with big enthusiasm.


There are many options of a fetish for use at the time of sexual process. Prostitutes from the city Dzerzhinsky are acquainted with all nuances. Only they will fully be able to satisfy all needs and wishes of men, to present them only the most pleasant and gentle feelings, forcing them again and again to address for sexual pleasure. Each representative of the website "MosDosug" will satisfy the client in full. You will be able to feel only the most unearthly pleasure, to experience pleasant emotions which you just won't want to leave.


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