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To stand frigidity or not?

Frigid ladiesFor certain many men heard the word "frigidity". Often understand sexual coldness or inability to reach sexual satisfaction even in conditions most favorable for this purpose as it.


Who are they such - frigid ladies?


Such women always feel unsatisfied. At the same time they can be absolutely healthy and cheerful, but here in sexual life at them not everything is so iridescent. Moreover, they can be beautiful mothers and have rather developed external sexual characters. Sexual coldness can not give them absolutely any inconvenience, and the address to the doctor, often, happens after numerous claims from the sexual partner.


There are two types of frigidity:


  • true;
  • false.


In the first case the woman really does not feel a sexual attraction to all men. In life of such passions sex plays a purely formal role, and they can be engaged in it only because so demands marital status.


False frigidity is an inability to receive sexual excitement, but only under certain conditions. For example, the partner applies the wrong technology of sexual intercourse or not absolutely truly interprets sexual desires of the partner. Such long time can remain "sexually not awakened" and not understand in what, actually, a problem.


Anyway, men suffer from such ladies and do not know what to make to them. A lot of things do not depend on men, and, often, it is impossible to change anything, not to try as if. It aggravates a situation even more. But you do not hurry to be upset - the decision always is.


Whether there is an exit?


If your wife or the mistress suffers from frigidity, do not try to correct something. On such it is possible to kill plenty of time, money and nerves, as a result without having achieved desirable result. Among courtesans of Fryazino it is possible to choose absolutely normal, having sexual desire and excitement girl who will not imitate an orgasm, and to really show all emotions which she receives during sexual intercourse. On MosDosug it is possible to look at prostitutes who not only have sex for the sake of receiving money, but also for the sake of sheer pleasure and pleasure. It should be noted that among courtesans it is rather difficult to find frigid, the profession, mostly, requires big return of moral and psychological emotions. And frigidity does not correspond to these qualities in any way.


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