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Master and Margarita

The Master and MargaritaMaster and Margarita - Give more actively, more rigidly what you tarry? - only also orders which were given by Margarita were heard, lying on a sofa, having as much as possible stretched legs that it was more comfortable to me to enter.


The whole hour our so-called program of rest proceeded. I was all wet, sweat a hail slid from me on her beautiful breast, and she shouted that I did not stop. On Friday I thought, so I will have a good time a little, and on it everything will end, but this woman it appeared just fire that to satisfy her I do not even know what needs to be had. Probably, some special device which Japanese will invent in the future or was already invented.


Of course, the age played the role too. She any more not the girl, she is 42 years old and during this time she had sex so much that mother grieve therefore it is difficult to surprise her with something. And in appearance such modest teacher Russian literature.


"What you for the man if you cannot normally strike?" She grabbed with hands my member and independently began to pull him in herself. I thought, she will tear off it, I already practically had no forces, I all exhausted. Yes, I so was not even tired when I had a sex with two girls.


I tried to get out from under her impact, but far from it. She seized me by hands from where she snatched out ropes and tied to a bed. Then sucked a little my member that he became firm, straightened the cat and with a swoop jumped on my member and it began to be got on him. Generally, she decided to bang me, time I her is not able.


From her jumping the bed nearly burst, it is good that it is oak.


- Only try to terminate, I do not know that I with you will make - she cried out, being got on my the exhausted member even stronger. What can I do, I am not the robot on batteries some?


Margarita was very wise and skilled. She got down from me, allowed me to have a rest that I did not terminate ahead of time. Then she became before me and began to lick the boobs, licking each nipple individually. Such actions very much brought me, and my member began to harden and increase in sizes again. Margarita also tried to obtain it. She again the dexterous movement jumped on my member and continued mad jumps.


I in the head had only one desire that it terminated quickly and this torture ended. But, much to my regret, after the next jump of her big bum on my member my athlete did not sustain and from his head the sperm fountain poured down, he filled in her big breasts, practically reached her mouth.


Margarita's eyes were poured by blood. My tormentor went to the shower and I crushed, but partially happy lay on a sofa.


I could not think a week more of sex, it was opposite to me. But then punched me, in my trousers something began to start to boil and I understood that it is time for me to let off steam. I went to the nearest night club, drank a little vodka and began to look for the worthy candidate.


There is a lot of people, but the hot chick did not come across to me in any way and with anyone I did not want. At last, I saw her. She was in the red fitting dress, all such of herself: big breasts, narrow waist and wide hips, directly dream of any man. I took couple of cocktails and enchanted her the charm.


She to see, and waited for someone like me as I quickly her persuaded to go to me home. We caught a taxi and went. On the road we kissed and any more nearly undressed, I stopped in time. My athlete was torn outside. We the quick movements rose upward and came to be at me on a bed. She was as if the goddess, such fine-molded figure and very gentle. Not to be compared to the previous Margarita. I saved her from clothes, she was superfluous and to my look the charming figure appeared, and between legs I was winked by smoothly shaved cat. My member got up on call, and I used him. He entered very softly her pleasant cat.


I banged her and could not enjoy process as it was pleasant. In the beginning the unpleasant moment with Margarita so even partially desire was gone was, however, remembered, but I quickly dismissed it. Especially as before me such beauty lay. She all groaned and coiled under my blows, it was visible at her the man long ago not. After a while I terminated, from me the huge stream of sperm took off for its elastic crack. We struck all night long, and next morning she collected the things and was quietly washed away, did not even say goodbye as it is ugly...

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