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Rules of a touching to a female breast

Erogenous zone - female breastThe breast of the woman is the most sensitive part of a body. And one of the most known: how many verses, novels, poems and fairy tales are devoted to a female breast!


How it is correct to touch it?


We offer you 5 rules about which you should not forget, having faced magic of hemispheres.


  1. Calling from a back

    Here not the task, is much simpler to consider a female breast, being before the girl, and in any way not differently. In the review she, of course, is better, but here the tactile contact limps. It is much more convenient to clasp the girl's breast, having caught for her behind. If to you still does not get the visual picture, track that before the girl there was a smooth surface where you can look from time to time. Other plus of such approach (except convenience of capture), is the fact that the girl feels your presence also buttocks. That too at all not to the excess.

  2. Equally spend time and energy for each breast

    Present that at your place two dogs. One will take offense if you iron only another. Too most also treats a female breast. Therefore it is necessary to repeat in accuracy with the second breast the same that you made with the first.

  3. Wet it

    As plus of sex or "about sex" in a bathroom serves that circumstance that moist skin is more sensitive to touches. Same extends also to a breast. Moisten hands with water or soap shower gel to slide up to the girl's breast as quickly as the figure skater in free skating! If the girl did not want love joys of a bathroom, then use massage oil: it will also increase sensitivity of skin.

  4. Do not take off a bra from the girl

    At least at the beginning. Stimulating a breast through a bra, you can present to the girl unusual feelings at friction of fabric about a bust. The main thing do not go too far. Do not squeeze a breast in a brassiere very strongly and be not fond of the procedure longer than a couple of minutes. It is not pleasant to girls when them to a breast before reddening it is rubbed with their own bra.

  5. Increase roughness level

    Yes, it is unconditional, to each breast there has to be an individual approach. But there is a constant rule suitable practically all: increase the rates of roughness, touching. If you at once seize a breast a rough grasp, then, will lower its susceptibility. Therefore if you suddenly want to touch gently it a bit later, then it will not make any impression on the girl. Therefore begin with gentle, soft touches, then you pass to convincing strokings, and later to easy tinglings of nipples.


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