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Intimate lounges of Korolev

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Prostitutes working in the sex stores in the Queen, happy to provide a variety of sexual services. They feel like a real man, who is subject to experience all kinds of erotic pleasures.


Classics of the genre


It would seem that what could surprise in the classic sex? The variety offered item resembling a list of positions from the Kama Sutra, the pursuit of pleasure and sharing a genuine desire to submit to the masculine will change the view of the classic sex in the performance of inventive pupae.


Anal approach


Exciting act of love is often associated with something forbidden, but anal sex is not a taboo for Aphrodite of sex shops in the Queen. Knowing about the pleasure that can be delivered to the man, giving it the sexual act, the woman is subject to completely subdue the male principle, and what they enjoy. Penetration into the elastic ass prostitutes will long haunt the male mind.


Oral caress


With gum or without oral sex is unsurpassed. Technique Deep throating alternated with hot caresses lips, tongue and masterly pen, bringing the male body to its logical limit, thus affecting every cell of the penis and testicles. To finish - in the mouth, on the face, on the chest - the customer's choice.


Sensual contact


Erotic massage is designed for true connoisseurs of quality foreplay. Man waiting for complete relaxation, alternating with growing excitement from the waves touching the erogenous zones. Under the sensitive female affection desire increases from each movement.


Toys are not for children


Different toys will bring an additional spark to having sex. Toys for fisting, electrical stimulators, anal plugs, vaginal balls, vibrators and other accessories. Each courtesan its arsenal, which can be tested together with the client.


To carry out their secret fantasies easy, just call the sex shop in the Queen.

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