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Terms of service

Regardless of existence of registration and regularity of attendance of a resource this agreement gains strength since the moment when the user examined and agreed with his conditions. Otherwise he is obliged to leave a resource immediately.


  1. Subject of terms of service
    1. The main objective of the terms of service (TS) - designation of legal relations between the MosDosug Internet resource (resource) and its visitors who came on a resource for the purpose of registration, placement or use in the purposes of content of a resource.
    2. The text of TS can be changed by administration of a resource unilaterally. The new editorial office PS will come into force after 48 (forty eight) hours from the moment of its publication if other term is not provided by the new editorial office PS.
  2. Description of a resource
    1. The resource is intended for intimate acquaintances of the users who reached majority and recognized capable.
    2. All questionnaires are placed independently users after registration, without any coercion, absolutely free of charge. It is not required to undergo moderation. The administration does not take part in placement of questionnaires.
    3. The user agrees with the ban on the instruction in responses, comments, questionnaires and other content of a resource of the data leading to identification of the third person namely: his full name, passport data, the place of residence, a contact information which is not specified in the questionnaire. When harming the third person in connection with placement of her personal information responsibility for deeds is born not by(with) a resource, and the user who placed information.
    4. The user has to realize that he can see on a resource information which will be for him offensive, obscene or disputable. The administration of a resource does not take the responsibility for information which is placed by advertisers and visitors. The resource may contain frank pictures, content and other materials of a pronounced erotic orientation which intend only for users 18+. Specifying in the questionnaire of the sum, the user determines the amount of a payment exclusively in time spent in the company of the person about whom there is a speech in the questionnaire.
    5. The resource has the prevention for users, 18 years are younger, to refrain from viewing of information which is laid out on it. Having come on a resource, the user agrees that he is 18 years old. The user has to leave immediately a resource if he has enough or visit of similar resources the legislation of the region where he lives, religious beliefs, medical instructions is not recommended, and also there are any other reasons it to make. The administration of a resource does not bear responsibility for non-compliance by visitors with these recommendations and violation of a duty to immediately leave a resource, and also for consequences which visit of a resource by the user can cause.
    6. The resource provides to all users a wide spectrum of on-line services including navigation, personalisation of content, communication and another. All services which are available today and any their modernization or addition of new are considered as a subject of this TS. The user understands and agrees to the fact that all services are offered "as is" and the administration of a resource does not bear responsibility for any misunderstanding connected with the indication of incorrect data, delays, failures, removal or saving any content. The administration of a resource reserves the right to close any of the available services without prior notice of users. Also the administration of a resource does not confer on itself responsibility for the termination of access to services of a resource.
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