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How to remove the prostitute

How to remove a prostituteThe working day is ended and, as always, it is necessary to go home, to the wife, to resolve household issues behind a family dinner. But so there is a wish for something such... It is possible to toss with friends a wine glass, another, but there is a wish not for it. Polygamy is peculiar to males, and it prevails to such an extent that there is a wish for carnal joys. Very strongly. For certain many were visited by similar thoughts. There is a solution: to remove the prostitute, with her it is possible to realize all the pornoimaginations.


How to remove the prostitute and not to acquire to itself problems?


The number of firms which provide интим−услуги grows as mushrooms after a rain. Every day it is more and more of them. Respectively, demand, and with it - offers grows. They offer the whole price list of the services, but mask under massage salon and offer just pleasant leisure as prostitution in our country not a legalized.


Having decided to visit one of such massage salons, it is necessary to be extremely careful. Секс−утехи - it is good, of course, but here too various roguish actions of which does not even think at the moment when at all not to common sense are not excluded. And in vain …


On it before visiting one of such institutions, it is necessary to read the following recommendations. Adhering to them, after night with the woman of easy virtue it is possible to protect himself from various unpleasant surprises.


List of recommendations


Recommendations consist at once of several points which will be in detail stated in the text below.


1. Any prostitutes at home


It is strictly forbidden to conduct them to itself home. For this purpose it is necessary to use the rental apartment, hotel or the room which was offered by firm.


There are many nuancesbecause of which you should not meet the prostitute of the house. First, a compromising evidence of before neighbors even if the man is not married. Emergence at an entrance of his person together with the lady of easy behavior will hardly characterize such man from the best (moral) side at people around. And if he is married, and his beloved went to stay for a while to the mother-in-law … Then the man you sign to yourself the death sentence. But it so, note.


Long tongues of neighbors will surely report on all events, it is possible to be sure of it.


Secondly, the property is exposed to danger. Who will be able to give a guarantee that thus the organized roguish group does not work, and, having come tomorrow home from work, the opened door and naked walls of own apartment will not be found?


2. Not to make home or office phone calls


On all telephone sets of such firms there are number determinants, and by means of it it is easy to learn the home address or the place of work respectively. Also, on phone the compromising calls from unreliable firms can arrive. Here the wife will be surprised, having taken the call and having heard that in such firm is taken place by an action and they offer the regular customers a discount for night of sex with the prostitute.


3. What data on


Not to leave data on itself and work. Personal data can be also used against, as well as in recommendations that were described above.


4. All details are solved at once


Making a call, it is necessary to describe accurately what is wished. For example, the woman's type (the blonde or the brunette, with appetizing forms, or, on the contrary, tiny and thin, the breast size etc.). Types of service that is what there is a wish for (on all night long or with hourly payment whether blowjob is necessary, anal sex or preferences are given to classics). Also, but already at a meeting with a moth, it is repeatedly necessary to discuss all these nuances to avoid the unpleasant conflicts with her bodyguard and not to spoil evening to itself for the money.


5. Security guarantee


And finally: the health security guarantee is required. Each firm respecting itself интим−услуг watches of the prostitutes over health and demands from them constant passing of medical commission. It is required that showed to the man the medical certificate about health of the girl with whom he is going to spend night.


After implementation of all these rules of own safety it is possible to have a ball. Forward! Remove the prostitute and go to a fascinating adventure, give pleasure to them, they precisely all are able to do professionally.

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