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The client is always right?

There is such statement - "The client is always right". Usually this slogan is used in the organizations which seek to emphasize the importance of the client. But whether this statement in relation to the business connected with prostitution is applicable? Let's try to understand.


Who "orders music"?


prostitutes ServicesThe person who uses services of prostitutes has to know the rights and duties. And not only the nobility but also to be able to put them into practice. As the client is a customer of services, he has to establish rules. The client pays money, so has to receive services in such quality and such measure in what he wishes to see them. And the prostitute has to grant all desires which are expressed by the client. Whether so it actually?


To understand, it is necessary to find out what rights exist at the client. So, he has the right:


  • on reliable information about the services rendered by the prostitute of Moscow, their number and an order of execution;
  • in advance to discuss all nuances of the forthcoming sexual services, to make certain offers on their adjustment;
  • to learn precisely about the cost of the rendered complex of services beforehand;
  • to choose what services the courtesan during all session from the established list rendered by her has to render;
  • on nondisclosure of the personal information directly or indirectly connected with the procedure of receiving paid sexual services;
  • on safe conditions of receiving services;
  • on the polite and correct relation;
  • to demand high-quality execution of services.


At all this, the client has also duties:


  • to grant in advance stipulated sum of money for paid sexual services;
  • to respect the standard standards of behavior and etiquette;
  • is able not to be on a meeting strong alcoholic or drug intoxication.


So, we found out what rights and duties the client has. But who "establishes rules of the game"?


The client as the customer, has the right to demand only about what it was in advance stipulated. To his attention it has to be without fail brought about the term and an order of rendering service, about types of the sexual entertainments which are assumed in process, and also other nuances. Both the client, and the prostitute have the right to foreknow what they agree to.


Thus, everything about what there was no preliminary arrangement, has no force. Neither the client, nor the prostitute have no right in such cases something to demand.


At the same time, if the client does not execute or unfairly fulfills the duties, the courtesan has full authority to refuse rendering service and/or ahead of schedule to interrupt her. Usually it occurs if the client begins to behave and apply physical abuse inadequately. At the same time he will be hardly right.


Often customers in process demand to render them some exotic, like an anal fisting or still something. Besides, the client in this case will not be right - it is possible to demand from the prostitute only what she is able to do. Not to be mistaken, look at MosDosug in the questionnaire of the prostitute who was pleasant to you - whether there is the corresponding tick opposite to service necessary to you. If is not present, and, let us assume, a golden shower well there is a strong wish, pick up other of the submitted list. The choice is simply huge!




Definite answer who has more rights - the client or the prostitute cannot be given. Everything depends on a concrete situation. However anyway each side has to observe politeness and a correctness, and at emergence of conflict situations to solve them peacefully and in a civilized way. The basis of relationship of the client and prostitute is an accounting of mutually interests at observance of respect for the rights of the opposite side...

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