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Better than one maiden in a bed can be only two

Sex with two girlsAdmit, secret dreams of sex three together do not abandon you already from the moment of approach of puberty. But dreams - they on that and dreams that their fulfillment would become the brightest event in life. But, as we know, the more to think of it, the probability of a fulfillment is less. It does not prevent to be prepared, of course, to avoid possible problems and not to prove to be the layman. Knowledge - force, we remember? Generally, we will begin.


Why in general it is necessary?


Some kind of, it is an extreme. And to tickle to itself nerves and to try feelings unprecedented hitherto is from the category something fascinating. About feelings a separate conversation - it you still definitely did not test.


Most of men in the ordinary face traditional sex. Being married people, they receive only that sex of which their wives are capable. It is possible to teach, of course, always, but often it is interfered by unwillingness of the woman to something in general to study or her natural conformism. Practically all wives and mistresses categorically against sex three together, including it an inadmissible type of entertainment.


Where to remove maidens for a group sex?


To order the girls ready to have sex three together, it is possible, having passed across places of their mass concentration. It can be night clubs, bars, restaurants, erotic salons, hotels, hotels and saunas of Moscow. Not all prostitutes render such services therefore surely specify this question. It is the most convenient to carry out search on the Internet. On MosDosug it is possible to be run under questionnaires of courtesans, to choose suitable and to suggest them to spend unforgettable night. It is not necessary to go anywhere and for hours to wander searching - to visit the website enough, to use the convenient filter and to find out all questions by the specified phone.


How to organize such leisure?


Remember that sex at once with two girls - occupation extremely pleasant, but demanding preliminary preparation. Make sure that you are ready to it both morally, and physically. Correctly picked up emotional spirit will help to concentrate completely on the main thing, having rejected all trifles from attention.


Follow a number of simple rules that sexual leisure with two prostitutes of Moscow took place as much as possible colourfully and it is fascinating:


  1. Before process properly cheer up. It can be a contrast shower or a cup of strong coffee. But do not accept alcohol, even absolutely slightly at all. Be ready to hours-long impetuous fun in the course of which you should give all the best for all 100%.
  2. You - one, and them are two at once. But it does not mean that return in your side has to be twice more. More depends on you - whether there will be all participants of process happy with result or not. You are a man therefore completely control an action and do not allow girls to start missing.
  3. Sex with two maidens is not only unilateral process in your side. Girls have a full authority to play a little bit with each other. However you do not leave a field of vision for a long time - if about you forgot, remind of yourself - begin to caress gently a breast, to kiss a neck or hips of one of girls. If you make everything correctly, then you will be able entirely to join them.
  4. You remember measures of elementary safety. Always initiate safe sex even if its application will give less pleasures and pleasures. Remember that care in such affairs will never be superfluous. Always take with yourself contraceptives and change condom every time when you pass from one type of sex to another.
  5. Do not forget about preliminary fondling. Everything can be spoiled, having forgotten to excite properly girls before process. Only after you will be sure that girls were enough warmed and actually are burned with desire, you can safely start the main business.
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