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Sado-maso for sharpness of feelings

BDSM games with prostitutesTo receive really pleasant feelings from sexual process, from time to time it is possible to use various sex toys and masochistic manipulations which don't comprise anything terrible and supernatural. If you didn't experiment with various sexual games earlier, it is necessary beginning with the simplest. For a start try to have sex the closed eyes, let your wife or you at the time of sexual process will have only physiological satisfaction, without esthetic pleasure. Then it is possible to include in sexual process binding still. Try to connect the partner by erotic handcuffs, to chain her to a bed and to make everything that she received only gentle and pleasant feelings.


It is possible to experiment differently


If isn't enough for you in life of sharpness and peppercorn in the relations, try such kind of a sado-maso as BDSM. Certainly, this some kind of extreme occupation, but it will bring only the brightest and unusual feelings which will fully promote the maximum satisfaction. You shouldn't be afraid and hesitate of this process, it is only a version all of a familiar sado-maso. With him it is necessary to be careful, but completely attributes you shouldn't limit yourself in such manipulations. For BDSM can be much, you can use the following versions:


  • Collar and handcuffs.
  • Lashes and gags.
  • Masks on the face.
  • Wristlets.
  • Latex clothes with various thorns.


Here it isn't necessary to limit the imagination, it is possible to use various manipulations. It is very important that everything was mutual and mutual, because if one partner denies such frank manipulations, then nothing good in it will leave. If you can't finish the spouse on such revelations in any way, address the real prostitutes for whom restrictions don't exist at all. They are ready to present you only the brightest and unforgettable feelings, to examine all extreme manipulations of a sado-maso and to bring positive emotions.


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