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Golden shower: receiving and delivery. Let's tell in more detail

The service is the golden rainSex is a pleasure from two sides. That man who does not bring the woman to an orgasm is bad. In this article we will tell about such manifestation in sexual intercourse as a golden shower. Let a half of men were now twisted and told that urine does not excite. How to be told each to their own. There is no side-altar in satisfaction of human lust. - it is good to eat everything that the divine pleasure and a fabulous orgasm brings. Prostitutes from the website it I know a sou MosDosug for certain. For this reason they laid out detailed questionnaires where specify all admissible dissolute actions in sex on a resource.


Golden shower: delivery


Actually process of an write up is known at sources of origin of lust and sexual satisfaction. It should be noted the fact that much is considered to catch humiliating on itself urine streams. But today such game in a bed as "Madam and the slave" appeared. There is a certain percent of men who derive pleasure moral and is sexual when on its eggs there is a person in hairpins. And it not figuratively. The woman hlystat the lover a lash and can give a golden shower.


Now is more detailed about this rain. Actually many women are forced to constrain the orgasm as to be afraid to pee the pants and embarrass themselves. But actually, if at you it turned out to bring the partner to such state, then huge to you plus in a personal record. You really real guru in a bed. It is the side of a medal from the point of view of the normal man, without the slightest share of masochism and a fetish.


There is also the second side which assumes humiliation of the partner by giving of an uric stream on various parts of a body. It occurs not because the lady tested a true orgasm. Just before sexual intercourse the courtesan from the website MosDosug will drink a liquid quantity. What is received the man on whom drops of a golden shower are showered?


  1. Interest which sometimes also leads to such experience in sex. Many men like to look at how vulvar lips before liquid supply open. Such fetish does not belong to standards of behavior, but also it is impossible to condemn these men or women at all. Of course, to ask the partner to pee, rather difficult step. For this reason there are ladies of easy behavior who will not be picked your brain and to look for the reason of such perversion.
  2. The pleasure from process to be humiliated. Today such directions in sex as kukold and domination are very developed. Often everything occurs in a rigid form and the stronger to lower the man morally, the more brightly the enchanting spectacle occurs in his brain. Feelings of anger and favor mix up. All this forces the person to fall into a certain enchanting spectacle.


These points force the man to address for service which carries such bright and tempting name "Delivery of a Golden Shower". On the website the MosDosug you easily find the Moscow night fairy who will grant this your desire. It is not necessary to be confused and feel uncomfortable.


Prostitutes will accept a golden shower


Not all like to go under gold splashes from a genital of women. There are men who wish to present with the rain. Everyone independently solves on what side to it to be. And prostitutes of Moscow from the Mosdosug resource will execute any desire. The main thing, in detail to study their biographical particulars completely to understand what services this or that courtesan renders.


Many guys I adore being described during sexual intercourse. But not always in real life the partner will estimate such manifestation of an orgasm. For society such behavior of N is norm because there are complexes and prejudices. Why men like to water with urine during sex? Answers are simple and obvious:


  • Orgasm to feeling of complete prostration. An orgasm so bright and inexpressible that there is a wish to give in to this weakness infinitely. Here only not each partner is ready to wash away from herself these gold streams. Therefore we suggest to use services of prostitutes who will not slam the door and the more so, will not take offense at such behavior.
  • Feeling of unique domination. When you humiliate the person, at the same time you feel moral pleasure. And the combination of intellectual pleasure and an orgasm, is inexpressible feelings. For this reason guys like to release from the trunk not only white swill, but also gold.
  • Originality of approach to simple sexual intercourse. In reality the majority of males consider that it is a certain counter. They show the identity and do not feel discomfort when on the partner his urine flows.


Actually it is not important from what side of falls there were you. The main thing is a true pleasure and a bright orgasm.

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