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Intimacy toys

When there is a wish to diversify intimate life, for this purpose use different methods. Someone has sex three together, someone plays role-playing games and tries the BDSM elements, but the most available way is use of sex toys. Some believe that they are applied only by perverts and those who have problems in sex, but it by no means not so. It is a good way to receive new feelings. In the sex shop various devices for women and men are on sale. There is erotic linen which does not hide a body of the woman and gives an opportunity to have sex, without taking off from her shorts and a bra. When the partner appears in such lacy and translucent dress, the man at once has an erection.


If dildos and handcuffs are quite habitual, then the man will be able to get acquainted with some toys only in a bedroom of the elite capital prostitute. On the website MosDosug is registered many prostitutes applying additional toys during sex.


Began to use them still in the ancient time. Frescos on which the lovers applying various toys in sex joys are represented remained. If the constant partner is too constraining, then the skilled whore with skill will show application of different types of toys:


  • Fur handcuffs;
  • Butt plugs;
  • Vibratorov;
  • Vaginal and anal balls.


In sex shops sell lubricants which not only facilitate occupation by anal sex, but also in a positive side influence duration of sexual intercourse. Release toys and for men. During sex the prostitute inserts the massager into the man's anus, stimulating a prostate. It allows to receive brighter orgasm. For maintenance of an erection use special rings and nozzles for the member. The most demanded types of toys are dildos and vibrators. They have different colors, the sizes. Their use in sex is pleasant to the men having the member it is less than average size. At sex the prostitute inserts the vibrator to herself into an anus. Thanks to it the vagina becomes narrower, and the man receives brighter feelings.


Sado-maso toys


Separate type of sex toys are the devices used in games BDSM. These are the easy lashes, bandages closing eyes, fur handcuffs. Many prostitutes are engaged in moderate domination at the request of the client. They will chain him handcuffs to a bed and will caress until he does not ask about mercy.

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