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Copro issue in Moscow

It is difficult to imagine full-fledged sexual life without constant experiments. Every day will bother to have sex in one that pose to anyone. Even anal sex will cease to please and will become something ordinary and absolutely uninteresting. For the sake of thrills people go on very interesting experiments. For example, someone tries BDSM - binding, floggings and violence. To someone to liking to sex in public places - elevators, movie theaters or parks. And someone also lacks it and thinks out everything new and new entertainments. By the way, for example, a copra, their constant partners refuse to accept some of them. Here it is also necessary to keep similar rushes in itself and to tell nobody about them. But it is after all bad option if interesting and rich sexual life wants.


Tell what ordinary girl will agree on a copra? Coprophagy is not the most widespread sexual behavior, especially among girls. For this reason it is necessary to look for girls who are the real professionals in this case. To make it it will be simple, rather simple to visit the website MosDosug and to choose the prostitute. It should be noted that on the website the coolest girls of Moscow are brought together.


Main nuances


If you decided to come to the prostitute and to ask for her such service as a copra delivery, you need to know about some nuances:


  • Perhaps, it will want to you that the courtesan was emptied only on your body and did not touch a face. You, for example, like only a type of this action.
  • Perhaps, it will want to you that all this occurred directly over your person.
  • If you are attracted by a coprophagy, then the courtesan everything will make directly to you a mouth.


It should be taken into account that about all nuances it is necessary to agree with the girl with whom you plan a meeting in advance. It is necessary to discuss such moments:


  • The meeting will take place only for the sake of a copra. Perhaps, you want to satisfy yourself.
  • By copro it will be combined with sexual intercourse, for example, with anal sex.
  • Game BDSM are planned. You in that case act as the slave, and the courtesan will be a madam.
  • You need at once two prostitutes whom you will only watch, but in the process will not participate. At the same time you can ask to do them something, for example, to use various sex toys. Here everything depends on your imagination, desires and the preliminary arrangement with girls.
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