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Cunnilingus in Moscow

The liberated men love mutual oral caress. It is pleasant not only to receive them, but also to give pleasure. They see how the woman coils and groans from pleasure and are even more excited from it. But at a lack of experience the cunnilingus will frighten off rather, than will please the partner. Therefore before offering such type of caress to the girlfriend, the preliminary training will be required. Women's reaction will prompt whether the man does everything correctly or she only suffers and waits when all this ends. The skilled prostitute is capable to act in this case as the patient teacher. Most of prostitutes not against a cunnilingus. They carefully watch intimate hygiene, do full depilation of an intimate zone. Prostitutes of Moscow who are registered on the website the MosDosug specify the parameters, publish frank pictures. It allows to choose the girl who wants to give oral pleasure. On this website the most different prostitutes are registered:


  • Skilled courtesans and young nymphets;
  • Blondes, red-haired and brunettes;
  • Harmonious and plump;
  • High and tiny.


Why men do it


  • Many men derive pleasure, doing a cunnilingus to the woman. The man likes to see that she completely is within his power, to observe how her excitement accrues. Some like to catch a smell of a female body, and from a cunnilingus they take not smaller pleasure, than the partner;
  • Desire to liberate the partner. If the woman is clamped, she hesitates to admit that she excites her in sex. The man wishing to be in a bed with the skilled mistress seeks to make everything that she did not hesitate. If he makes by her a cunnilingus from which the woman will receive an orgasm, she becomes more liberated and unchained in sex;
  • Desire to diversify sex. The cunnilingus can become that step in sex after which the partner will want to try something new, novel before.


But all this is real if only the man well is able to do a cunnilingus. Otherwise the woman can avoid sex or will even want to find to herself more skillful lover. Therefore men address prostitutes who will directly tell what he does not and over what it is necessary to work to give to the woman pleasure. After a cunnilingus the prostitute will not remain indifferent and will make everything depending on her that the man took a bigger pleasure.

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