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Oral without condom in Moscow

Most of men, certainly, prefer and most often practice with the constant partners blowjob without condom. And it is natural, in the relations there have to be confidential relations, and hardly someone from partners hides any disease. But if you decided on sex with the prostitute, namely, on blowjob, then condom is recommended to be used after all extremely. Though call girls also undergo regular inspections in medical institutions and can even show you the reference, you should not risk. Always it is necessary to think of consequences. Besides, not each call girl will agree to blowjob without elastic band as prostitutes are also afraid to pick up something from clients.


But nevertheless some women of easy virtue as an exception render to men service of blowjob without condom, of course, for small surcharge. All nuances should be discussed with women by phone in advance that at a meeting there were no misunderstanding.


To what to be ready?


If you do not accept oral caress in an elastic band, then you should know that:


  • in the course of blowjob without condom it is possible to catch various diseases. And harmless herpes on a lip of the prostitute can lead to big problems with urinogenital system at men;
  • after blowjob it is necessary to process genitals chlorhexidine or miramistinom;
  • anyway it is necessary to know what consequences, at worst, expect you and to be to them ready.


Thus, knowing all negative consequences of blowjob without elastic band, it is possible to solve for himself whether it is necessary for you. 


Remark, now condoms make of the thinnest materials which do not reduce sensitivity at all. And skilled prostitutes will suck off even in a condom unforgettable and unique that you with excitement will remember your meeting with the prostitute. 

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