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Deep throating in Moscow

It is no secret that oral caress is adored by many women and most of men. Technique of blowjob was described in the Kama Sutra. This type of caress is characterized by use of hands, lips and language. At a classical type of blowjob the girl hides teeth and the member stimulates with a hand and language. At first she acts slowly, and at increase of excitement accelerates the movements. In process of receiving experience of the woman new technicians master. They grease the partner's member with ice cream or cream and represent themselves the kitty licking a delicacy to a last straw. If the girl gathered in a mouth of aerated water or previously sucked a mint candy, then it will create feeling of a chill and will bring new impressions. The following technicians of blowjob are most popular:


  • Wings of a butterfly;
  • Divine eight;
  • Rotation.


But there is also such type of oral caress which is subject to not all women. Many men dream to try the blowjob known under the name a deep throat. At this way of a fellatio the member completely plunges into a mouth of the woman and touches throat walls. Because of emergence of an emetic reflex even the liberated mistresses can not always do such type of blowjob. Some girls are afraid that deep introduction of the member will cause in them suffocation. Prostitutes from the website the MosDosug have wide experience and will be able to please the client even with such type of caress. They will not be frightened by a big dick, they will be able to satisfy the man with any size of advantage.


Technique of blowjob


Wishing to learn to do the client good blowjob, the prostitutes of Moscow earlier beginning trained on banana. They relaxed a throat and drove banana top and down a throat. It led to sensitivity reduction. Now prostitutes use dildos which by the size and a form are as close as possible to the real member. After several trainings of the movement become more free, and the prostitute can give pleasure to the client. After deep blowjob oral caress proceeds, the most sensitive area of the member is the head which at throat blowjob is practically not stimulated.


Clients often film such process with the camera, later viewing of this show delivers to them many pleasant minutes. At this moment the woman is completely subordinated and is in power of the man. Some prostitutes of Moscow mastered the swallowing movements that leads to absolutely new feelings at the man. All to make throat blowjob easier when the woman lies across a bed, and her head hangs down from edge. Then the man will be able to enter the member on all depth.

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