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Ending on the face

Sexual imaginations of men are various. Someone from them likes rigid sex, someone dreams of making love in the public place, and someone presents himself to beds with two women. But there is an imagination which excites the most part of men - after sex to terminate to the woman on the face. Many pornofilms come to an end with such scene, but ordinary girls most often refuse to the man this desire. It seems to them that it looks not too esthetically, and at such end of sexual intercourse they feel humiliated.


There is a theory that it is pleasant to men because ancestors considered that sperm contains the vital strength of the man, and any drop should not be gone in vain. In Japan only that woman could terminate on the face that changes the husband. Most of modern men do not want to humiliate the partner thus. However they like to watch how from the member hot sperm splashes. While they finish on the face to the woman, in them the voice of ancestors sounds. This scene can be seen in the majority of pornofilms - the obedient woman is kneeling and waits when sperm gets on her face. It is simple to carry out this desire - enough only to visit the website the MosDosug and to choose the prostitute with the most attractive appearance rendering this type of service. A large number of candid photos will allow to choose the girl not only with a nice face, but also with a good figure.


Besides the termination on the face, with night fairies of Moscow it is possible to be engaged:


  • Oral, classical, anal sex;
  • To look how she does a striptease;
  • To try different types of massage;
  • To look at a lesbian show.


With the prostitute it is possible not to hesitate of the imaginations. With her it is possible to play role-playing games and to appear as the shy boy or imperious mister. She will help to embody the available desires in reality. The moth will not be capricious, complain of a headache and to refuse sex. Some of them not against a photo and video filming of process. Most of prostitutes are able to do fantastic blowjob without condom. At the time of an orgasm the man will be able to terminate her on the face and to see how streams of sperm will slowly flow down on him. Usually the girl tries to detain her on the face. She takes in hand the member of the man and smears sperm on the lips, and then slowly pinches her language. This show looks very erotically and excites the man.

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