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Ending in the mouth

Why prostitutes of Moscow are not left without work? Thanks to the taken place sexual revolution of the girl do not wait for a wedding and enter the sexual relations in one or two weeks after acquaintance? The matter is that now men became more liberated. They know what is pleasant to them in sex, and want to receive it. But not all girls are ready to satisfy male imaginations. Oral sex became habitual caress. Many men prefer to receive this service at prostitutes because they own different technicians of blowjob. At a traditional way the girl enters the member to herself into a mouth, strains lips and rhythmically moves the head up and down. At the same time she controls immersion depth. During the teasing blowjob the woman bares a head and licks her as if an eskimo. At the same time she acts with language, slowing down the movements, accelerating them. If there is no time for long caress, then the prostitute takes the member in a hand, bares a head, densely squeezes him lips and acts with language. She caresses all body of the man, strokes the internal surface of hips, buttocks, an anus, testicles.


The orgasm and rough ejaculation will become the natural end of blowjob. Many men want to terminate after blowjob in a mouth to the woman. But not all girls like taste of sperm. She can be too dense, or have unpleasant taste. The prostitutes who left about themselves information on the website the MosDosug render this type of service. For them there is nothing shameful and indecent in sex. They do everything that is pleasant to clients and show that this very pleasant occupation. With them it is possible to be engaged also in other types of sex. The most part of night fairies offers the following range of sexual services:


  • Classical, anal sex;
  • Blowjob usual and deep;
  • Lesbian show and striptease show;
  • BDSM and sex toys.


The orgasm during which the man ejaculates in the woman's mouth will become the most pleasant end of oral sex. If the ordinary girl often spits out the sperm which got her into a mouth and runs in a bathroom, then the prostitute drinks everything to a last straw. At this moment the man feels that she accepts him entirely, does not disdain his member. He feels heat of lips and the girl's language that gives him additional pleasure. During an orgasm the woman does not interrupt caress and completely accepts in herself men's sperm. She erotically licks lips, showing that too it was pleasant to her and everything was pleasant.

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