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Trampling in Moscow

Trampling - a refined kind of a sado-maso


If you are a zealous adherent of a sado-maso, then, for certain, it was necessary to hear about such kind of carnal joys as a trampling. The Trampling represents trample on the partner's body which brings the last sexual pleasure.


It is possible to be trampled down without footwear (that is less dangerous), or put. Most often men feel pleasure from trample on the body in footwear on a hairpin. It is a peculiar source of pain and humiliation.


What the trampling charm consists in?


All charm of a trampling will consist in suppression of will of the partner on which trample is directly carried out. As a rule, he wishes to be crushed and suppressed in the true sense of the word.


The Trampling does not assume continuation in the form of intimate proximity. To be exact, such proximity is not obligatory at all. You can have sex with the partner, and can derive pleasure only from trample on the body.


Care will not prevent: what did you do not know about a trampling?


If you decided on a trampling for the first time, then you should not forget about much-needed security measures:


  1. If the weight of your partner much more exceeds your own, you should not practice trample on vitals.
  2. Heels should not be too sharp, otherwise injuries will not manage to be avoided.
  3. The face, a stomach and genitalia are most subject to injuries - on these parts of the body you should not be trampled down.


Remember that the trampling can lead to injuries which will bring many sufferings subsequently, and in a minute of pleasure the long period of time to be in hospital is necessary. And the inept partner can put at all injuries which result can be a lethal outcome.


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