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For family couples in Moscow

You consider the family life rather happy? Are quite satisfied with sex with the spouse, but nevertheless you feel that something is missing? You are not able to afford treason? Then the best option to introduce a variety in sex is to talk to the wife and to come to any compromise. If in joint intimate life you already all managed to try: both role-playing games, and BDSM, and oral, and anal caress, maybe, it is worth trying all this with new partners, and all together!


If your spouse not against to play pranks, then safely visit the website "MosDosug", choose the girl and make with her an appointment. These women are not ordinary cheap prostitutes, but the best women of easy virtue of Moscow who render the top-level services. In advance it is necessary to tell the prostitute that you will be not one, and with the wife as not all call girls practice intimate services to married couples. The meeting can take place both in your territory, and in cozy apartments of the prostitute. Therefore in advance discuss with the spouse where to you it will be most comfortable.


How to choose necessary services?


There now, you already agreed with the wife, decided on the choice of the partner. Now it is important to find out what have to be ordered by you services.


  1. First of all, sex has to be safe for health and not pernicious for the family relations, i.e. partners have to discuss a framework at once admissible that then there were no offenses and the conflicts.
  2. Intimate services have to give pleasure to both partners.
  3. The meeting has to be confidential - it will hardly be pleasant to you if your acquaintances learn about your hobbies.


Thus, couple has to solve what look intimate caress is necessary for them: extreme, romantic, BDSM etc.


At married couples the following services enjoy the greatest popularity:


  • role-playing games;
  • intimate massage;
  • lesbian show;
  • oral caress;
  • traditional sex etc.


Women of easy virtue feel the clients and can offer the scenario of development of evening. If you are ready to surprises which by all means will lead to an orgasm, then it is necessary trusting in skillful handles and sensual mouths of passionate moths.


It is fine when at couple opinions in everything including in sexual desires meet. It is so pleasant to expand the sexual horizons in common with the beloved soulmate, but not secretly from her. You should not hesitate of the desires if it is possible to make their reality very easily.

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