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Golden shower (in) in Moscow

You do not know how to spend the evening after day of work? Bothered to go on bars, and there is no wish to come back home at all? In that case you should try something brand new! For example, spend this night with the magnificent beauty from Moscow which will make for you anything. It not exaggeration, girls from the website the MosDosug are really ready to any sexual experiments, even to what other girls refuse. With them you can count not only on anal sex or deep blowjob, but also on a golden shower. You will be able to stay as mister and directly to urinate on the prostitute! You only present what tremendous will be your meeting and what feelings you receive from it!


Scenarios of a meeting


Perhaps, you had not to practice yet meetings of such format as just there was no suitable girl. In that case you will want to learn about all nuances:


  • Some girls not against that they were irrigated with urine, but do not wish that it got to them a mouth. In that case you have to urinate only on her body. It is better to discuss all these details in advance by phone that further there were no disagreements.
  • There are also those prostitutes who with pleasure will accept a golden shower and a mouth. At the same time all this can be combined together with blowjob.
  • Perhaps, you want that the girl just observed, behind that as you urinate. Such service of the girl is also provided.


But the most interesting if the girl allows you to urinate in an anus or a vagina. Only the most skilled prostitutes are ready to such experiments.


All this can be carried out separately from the sex, that is to meet the prostitute for the sake of a golden shower. Or you can combine sexual intercourse with it here addition. Also golden shower can be a part of BDSM of a game. For example, you can urinate on the courtesan as punishment when she disobeyed. And if it is pleasant, then, on the contrary, to award with her her in this way. There can be many options which depend only on your imagination!


The meeting can take place in a similar format in your territory or in the territory of the courtesan. You agree about it in advance and discuss all moments. Do not forget that you can order two girls at once and derive double pleasure from such meeting. For example, at once two courtesans can do you blowjob, and you in process urinate on them, at the same time for two.

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