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The first sexual experience

First sexual experienceEverything that happens to people in life for the first time - unforgettably. And it is important that memoirs were pleasant. In many years the first experience can be remembered and again to experience all emotions from the past.


The first sexual experience is very important for each guy. Sexologists note that he though is pleasant, but is rather difficult. The young man feels many unusual feelings, often they do not meet its expectation.


Sometimes the first sex is followed by fear, his guy often and itself cannot realize the reason. He experiences sudden emotional experiences and on this background there can be a premature ejaculation.


If the first experience was successful - it will add to the man of self-confidence and will have a positive impact on all subsequent life. The unsuccessful attempt can turn back a psychological trauma.


Men worry concerning the sexual abilities more, than women. This results from the fact that in the man's intim usually show more activity. The behavior of the girl also matters. If the girl is tactful, then she will not sneer at small failures of the inexperienced guy. Sneers and reproaches can make the guy the impotent man at the psychological level. Therefore psychologists recommend the first time to try sex with the skilled woman who in case of failure will not humiliate the young man and will be able his to teach much. One of the best options - to address services of the prostitute.


How to behave


That sex was successful, the guy should reflect over his details. For the first intim it is better to choose well familiar and habitual place. It will add self-confidence. A love appointment it is necessary to spend in it time when nobody is able to interfere with process.


It is not necessary to snatch on the girl at once, at first it is necessary to get used to a female body and to study it. For this purpose there is also preliminary caress. They will calm nerves, will remove fear and will adjust the guy on the necessary harmony.


Many men for the first time have a premature ejaculation. About it it is not necessary to chew. The skilled partner will not laugh and will belong with understanding. She will maintain by the encouraging words, and the second time will already be more long. In it plus the first sex with the skilled woman. She will also excite the upset guy, will prompt that needs to be made, and will pick up suitable poses.


What does not need to be done


It is recommended not to drink alcoholic beverages before sex, so to speak "for bravery". Of course, they will help to remove stress, but it is better to learn to cope with difficult situations by own efforts that psychological dependence did not appear. Then it will be difficult to guy to communicate with girls sober.


It is unnecessary to brag of the invented victories and extensive experience. Practically any, even inexperienced girl will be able to calculate a lie on behavior of the guy in a bed. It is better to admit that it is the first time honestly.


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