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Influence of different alcohol on sex

The effect of alcohol on sexWhisky, wine red, white, sparkling, beer? On what to stop, choosing drink before love joys? You will be able to find the answer to a question in article below.


How different types of alcohol influence your sexual life


Cast away hypocrisy: now appointments do not take place without alcohol. Only if boring. And as the most pleasant appointments are those which come to an end with continuation (if you did not understand a hint, then the speech about sex yet), suggest you to find out for themselves what impact these or those types of alcohol are capable to exert on your sexual abilities:


  • Beer

    Beer can be carried to so-called alcohol of easy type therefore the most dangerous is to go too far him. You will drink, drink and drink and will not notice how the witty person with the exact and smooth movements will turn into the sleep-walker with the braided speech. Therefore if you after all insist on beer, strictly limit yourself to a couple of glasses. It is the maximum dose at which you will be able to present to the girl in a bed something masterly except improbable snore.

  • Whisky

    You will think, whisky quite is considered the classical drink which is associated with courage and stylish working offices with assistants and secretaries. But in whisky one big danger, such as not ethanol components (kongener) which impact to drink relish and color is concealed. The color of drink is more saturated, the it is more than kongener in its structure. In whisky of this component contains in a large number for this reason, the person is capable to come to the shortest possible time in helpless state of intoxication, having got at the same time a severe and heavy hangover next morning. So it is better for whisky to leave for the evening with friends, but not with the girl.

  • Champagne

    The increased contents in sparkling the ridiculous bubbles which are pinching from time to time language and biting a nose seldom who is capable to drink more than two glasses of champagne. And it is an ideal dose of alcohol once again to try to convince the girlfriend that in University you had a nickname "sex giant". Besides, many grades of champagne contain notes of a lavender, the orange, vanilla and caramel which are aphrodisiac for the man.

  • Wine

    This drink can be named the best choice for an appointment. Give preference to red wine brand better. According to the research conducted in Italy it is proved that the women preferring red wines are more located to sex, than those that love other alcohol or in general refuse him. Red wine often contains muscat, wood and cherry notes which act as strong aphrodisiacs for women.


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