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Juicy blowjob from courtesans of Pavlovsky Posad

Juicy blowjob from courtesansWhen there was a blowjob it is unknown. However this way of satisfaction of men was known in Ancient Rome. Today it did not lose relevance and is one of services of prostitutes of Pavlovsky Posad. It is necessary to tell that they are ready to render blowjob of two types - with condom and without it. If the first option still enters the price, then the second is often paid separately. It is possible to specify this moment in more detail, ordering services of prostitutes on the website Mosdosug.


Technique of blowjob


Women of easy virtue perfectly know about the existing technicians of blowjob and have wide experience in this case. Technicians are following:


  • "swing". It is widespread and becomes any prostitute. Its feature is that the girl slightly slightly opens a mouth, and closes teeth lips. Everything begins with the easy movements on a head of the member, and speed increases after that. Also hands are in operation involved. One stimulates the member with the returnable movements, and another the prostitute irons all what she can reach;
  • "testicles". The attention will be paid in this case not only to a genital, but also testicles. The prostitute will take in a mouth on one, and also to lick them. In certain cases such technique means also involvement of an anus. The girl can lick him, and also will implant a finger inside. If it seems too juicy, then the skilled worker to be limited only to massage of a zone of a crotch;
  • "ice cream". Namely eskimo. Men noticed that girls very sexually eat this ice cream, licking it from all directions. The woman of easy virtue will transfer these movements to a genital. The head will turn into caramel, and hands will be occupied with foot massage and the man's nipples;
  • "pump". The girl takes a half of the member in a mouth and begins to suck in it. For additional stimulation slightly shakes the head. Despite simplicity of this technique, it is possible to feel special feelings;
  • "exchanger". The man can thank the girl for bright blowjob and make by her a cunnilingus. Many prostitutes mention this service which excite clients. Similar with her "position 69" is called;
  • "cherry from above". All attention only of the main sensitive part of the penis - a head is paid. The courtesan licking her language and periodically inserts into a mouth.


It is possible that some prostitute of Pavlovsky Posad developed also the equipment. It is possible to learn about it only at a meeting..


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