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What irritates prostitutes in sex

Perhaps, for someone it will seem a strange question, however, having listened to a talk of moths among themselves, it becomes clear that to girls, is what to show to vainglorious males who address them to satisfy the physiological requirements. Moths and prostitutes are, first of all, women, but not sex-machines, they have feelings, good sense of humour and sarcasm too, and also ability is beautiful to refuse and not less beautifully to bring true pleasure and pleasure to each client. For this reason the question - that irritates the prostitute in sex - remains very urgent for men which quite often address representatives of the first most ancient profession. Moreover, the answer to this question will help to improve the relations with an opposite sex. So, what is not pleasant to prostitutes in a bed:


 What annoys prostitutes in sex?


  • First of all, It should be noted excessive self-admiration. Quite often the man with a solid tummy and advantage, hardly noticeable from under it , thinks himself the brutal macho and considers that all ladies have to faint only at his emergence. Ladies actually fall, but only from laughter.
  • Secondly, the following tendency is observed - the man just maniacally seeks to bring the prostitute to an orgasm. "Like, if whores groan under me from pleasure, then all others have to flow literally from one my touch". The prostitute is, first of all, the woman and an orgasm reaches she not under each man. Skilled courtesans manage to feign just skillfully pleasure, but the fact that the man was faced by this purpose, makes laugh a little.
  • Thirdly, prostitutes do not love not well-groomed men. Here it is not about a sports figure of the client and his belongings from the famous couturiers. But it is elementary to cut nails and to wash up hair, and also all body each brutal macho has to. The disgusting smell from a mouth can become quite justified cause of failure, even at the offer is unreal high cost.
  • Stupid phrases characteristic of porno movies. "You terminated?", "Yes, child!", "Oh, yes!" and deification of a verbal incontience "Das ist fantastisch" - such "picturesque" turns will enrage even the most reserved and skilled prostitute. But it does not mean at all that sexual joys have to be followed only by a rhythmical creaking of a bed.


Certainly, prostitutes, first of all, also differ in the fact that with them it is possible to do all that it is undesirable to do with the spouse or the soulmate. However the man has to understand that skilled courtesans, gathering on a hen night, quite often do them by a subject of smart jokes and stories to whom they are presented not in the best light. For this reason everyone who dreams to leave behind exclusively pleasant impression even at the prostitute, has to understand that there are such specific things which you should not do in a bed with the skilled libertine at all.


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