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How to be irresistible in sex with the prostitute?

How to be on top with a prostitute?The strange question, but so can seem only at first sight. What difference what the prostitute thinks, is her duty - to give pleasure to the man? Actually very large number of representatives of a strong half of mankind worry about it.


Even the most ordinary prostitute is, first of all, the woman who dreams to see near herself the handsome and strong man. Not gives to each courtesan sheer pleasure to have sex with the dirty, not well-groomed fat man who thinks from himself the brutal macho. Nevertheless, men most often also go to moths to lift the self-assessment. Surprisingly, but it is the fact - statistically, 50% of men who for the first time used erotic services come back to women of easy virtue again to feel these feelings and unforgettable pleasure.


How to be pleasant to the prostitute?


The man can be obese, have rather noticeable "experience" of the use of frothy beverage, not be the owner of notorious cubes and not put on at the famous couturiers. But these qualities do not prevent to address at all services which are provided by professional prostitutes. Moreover, even such men have every chance to leave behind indelible impression, in good sense, certainly. So, how it will be pleasant to a moth? How to leave behind exclusively pleasant impression and once again to amuse own vanity? The following recommendations for certain will do good to those who are going to go for the first time to prostitutes:


  • First of all, the man has to have charisma. This quality almost completely compensates lack of cubes and a thick purse. Charismatic persons anyway remain in memory. The woman can not remember a phone number or a name of the client, but his charisma if she is, she certainly will remember for a long time.
  • Secondly, the man has to be the good lover. Here it is important not to mix quantitative and quality indicators. Most of clients come to prostitutes to satisfy exclusively own requirements at all does not think of the partner. Men who aspire and can bring true pleasure to the prostitute, will by all means be remembered and have every chance not to spend uniform ruble.
  • Thirdly, "whore" always sounds a little offensively. An exception only - if the lady asks in a passion rush so her to call. Nevertheless, the man showing due respect for representatives of the first most ancient profession receives in exchange much bigger - the skillful seductress, feeling special, seeks to satisfy the client at full scale.


These and some other recommendations will help the man to feel more surely and more persistently. Certainly, if the purpose is the satisfaction of purely physiological requirements, then absolutely you should not bother about it. But if the man seeks to leave behind exclusively pleasant impression even at the prostitute, then it is necessary showing in her a bit different relation. In this case the moth will be able to thank really the client and to do everything possible that this night for a long time remained with him in memoirs.


Moths and professional prostitutes, skillful seductresses and skilled courtesans - all this spectrum of representatives of the first most ancient profession knows about sex everything and even more. Nevertheless, most of men addresses them not only to satisfy the physiological requirements - many want to raise the self-assessment by means of these girls, and also to be approved at their expense. Girls perfectly understand it and do everything possible that the man could receive desirable result.

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