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Independents of Shhjolkovo

When the man is really satisfied, he feels strong, ready to pull up trees and to reach the end of the earth. The satisfaction moral and physical can come at the same time, and for this purpose it is not necessary to go to any trainings or to visit the psychologist. It is only enough to spend night with the beautiful prostitute who knows how to give to the man pleasure! Individuals of the city of Shhjyolkovo for a symbolical payment will bring any "stallion" to a condition of strong excitement. Thanks to their professionalism the man will be able "to remain on a game" throughout long time, and after to comprehend the most fabulous orgasm in the life.


What can these beauties?


Selling tiptoes from the city of Shhjyolkovo just strike with the variety. Of course, here you can see the most various moths, but each of them is completely given to work, and with high professionalism will execute any sexual wish.


What you want today?


  • Gentle oral caress or a rigid bang in a mouth.
  • To terminate on a breast to the chippy, and can force to swallow to a knot everything to a last straw.
  • To have hot sex in the most various positions.
  • To punish the public young woman and to plunge into her buttocks.
  • To play role-playing game.
  • To enjoy erotic or intimate massage.
  • To be excited from an amazing sexy underwear.
  • To force the maiden to show you "golden shower" and at the same time to use the vibrator.
  • To apply BDSM to the practician.


You are free to select for yourself the program for the evening. The main thing, discuss everything conditions in advance. Then you receive unforgettable evening and the most saturated feelings.


To choose the individual very easily on MosDosug


Before you convenient gallery which allows you to find all necessary information on the prostitute chosen by you in one click. You just thumb through pages and watch photos of courtesans. You were interested in this or that chick? Just press her image! You will see:


  • The detailed description "About herself" which is filled by the girl at registration.
  • Complete collection of a photo portfolio of the modern geisha. You can check various images before making an appointment.
  • The list of all services which are provided by the night fury.
  • Learn the price for an hour (two, night), and also a possibility of departure.


Any actions on the MosDosug resource are completely confidential! You can secretly have a good time with selling cuties, and nobody learns about your love affairs.

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