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Sex for one night: in total pros and cons

Sex for one night call different things. All problem comes down to the fact that often people get used to put various concepts of the same word. So "sex without obligations" by female half of humanity often is understood as expression absolutely other expression, than at men. In this concept the following situation is considered more often: the girl comes back from bar with the guy whom just recognized. Today they will have hot sex, and tomorrow already will not meet any more.


Sex for one night


Important feature in the direction of excellent sex without obligations can become those circumstances that all life the woman is under the influence of foundations of society about its value and, agreeing to one night stand, she emphasizes own low cost. Of course, she does not want to be "cheap stuff" - and not only before the family, girlfriends and acquaintances, but also before by itself. Sex without obligations turns into a certain social stigma which it pulls as I carry long time. And who wants to live how marked a lily in ancient times the courtesan? Here only women forget about one male feature: than the girl is more dissolute, than more secrets are hidden in her nature, than the probability on dirty and wild sex with her is higher, she is more attractive by that to a strong half of mankind.


What reefs in the matter for men? Excepting hygienic aspect, various diseases, for it in principle risks, in general, do not happen. Of course, we do not take into account hot boyfriends who can suddenly appear and stand up for honor of the lady. All the rest generally belongs to moral reasons, but also here practically everything is clear: if inside you are rather liberal, then any problems.


In total pros and cons


Here, in principle, dry facts:




  • There is no need to meet the girl's ancestors, to take away her from beauty shop and to get her cold medicine.
  • The girls who are also informed that you have one-time meetings, can be liberated on a joke and realize even the most impudent dreams and imaginations.
  • You can be oneself in a bed too. For example, to think only of itself and to go in cycles egoistically only in the satisfaction. All the same you will hardly sometime meet so does not matter as she will remember you.
  • When you finish love joys, you can put right there her in a taxi. Eventually, she came to you for the sake of sex, but not morning hugs-tselovashek.
  • Understanding that you had such adventure lifts a self-assessment to Casanova's level.




  • Secret law: sex for one night has to be only protected, and, respectively, sensitivity is lower.
  • In real life it is rare when the person is capable will agree to close and dense interaction with another, movable only by desire to be satisfied. Most often resort to such outbursts during the difficult periods - a difficult and painful gap, parrot death - and are rather caused not by desire to derive pleasure how many to distract.
  • And here the girl abandoned you, and only here you suddenly understood that it was she which you looked for all the life. She, by no means, holds other opinion. Of course, it looks like a typical tie for modern romantic comedies more, but also in life it happens.
  • The girl left your life for the morning, but it does not mean at all that you are not fated to meet in absolutely idiotic situation repeatedly. Let's say when you will come to an interview, and she will be the employee of human resources department of this firm.
  • Suddenly the wife will knows?


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